Sales Innovo App

A System Above All!

Omnichannel Marketing Support

  • Ensuring a unified customer experience across various channels.

  • Simplified communication and increased efficiency.

  • Reach your customers: at the right time, in the right place, with the right offer!

Sales Support

  • Increased sales efficiency thanks to the AI-driven CRM module.

  • Better understanding of customer needs.

  • Automated customer service.

  • Proposals, Estimates and E-contracts with Signatures

Segmentable customer data

  • Planning target group-specific marketing campaigns.

  • Sending personalized messages.

Customizable Processes

  • Flexibility and customization.

  • Easy adaptation to corporate needs.


  • Time and resource savings.

  • Reduced error potential, faster response to customer needs, more efficient company processes.

The Sales Innovo App is a true powerhouse.

You can manage, automate, and thus optimize all your company's processes in one place. It saves you time as you can find customer data, marketing, sales, tasks, histories, and projects all within a single software.

Quick Implementation

You don't need to install anything for the Sales Innovo App!

You can access the online system anytime, anywhere.

Quick Setup

In just a few simple steps.


Accessible from anywhere.

Ready to Use Immediately!

100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days.

Why Choose Sales Innovo App Over Other CRM Systems?

With us, a CRM system is just a piece of the cake!
The Sales Innovo App is more than just a CRM. If you opt for the Sales Innovo App, you will definitely not need separate:

Newsletter sending system

SMS sending system

Marketing automation system

Appointment booking system


Web developer

Task management and project management system

Customer service software

Social media calendar

If you're struggling with customer data and customer service

In the customer relationship management system, you'll find not only the most important details of your customers but also when and what you last discussed, what the next step will be regarding them, and any issues they've had.

The result?

More satisfied customers, more efficient sales, and better customer relationships.

If you're struggling with processes

In the software, you can automate marketing, HR, invoicing, and even customer service. Set up automated processes, automatic emails, and SMS, and with these self-running processes, all you need to do is follow the steps.

The result?

Less wasted time on administration, monotonous tasks, and regularly repeated work.

If you're struggling with sales

Set your goals and keep them in sight with the help of Sales Innovo! With the business metrics feature, you'll always see the results. The system makes it easy to identify weak points and get a crystal-clear picture of revenues. Create sales funnels and monitor where each customer stands.

The result?

A more efficient and goal-oriented team, fewer lost customers. In other words, increased revenue.

...and that's not all!

Why pay for a website developer?

Turn on and try our unique visual website editor module in Hungary with over 100 pre-installable templates.

You surely won't find this in any other CRM!

Almost every company experiences the challenges that come with cumbersome web development at least once.

Create as many websites as you'd like without coding, and instantly collect visitor data in the App!

The result?

Fast and professional web projects in-house, without the need for web developers.

If you're struggling with marketing

Thanks to our unique Marketing Automation system in the country, you are guaranteed to achieve revenue growth.

Segment your customers, create marketing processes with the visual editor, determine when each customer should receive an email, SMS, or WhatsApp message.

Integrate social media platforms and plan your marketing communication.

Connect our system to your online store with just a few clicks and reduce customer churn.

The result?

Professional and innovative marketing automation, decreasing customer churn, and increasing revenue.

Invoice Collection and Billing

Through the visual customer management, you'll know exactly where each customer stands in the sales funnel. Do you spend a lot of time on collecting payments, with transfers arriving late?

Use our credit card payment solution and collect funds automatically from your partners, directly from their company cards. Create a registration interface with our web editor, set up products, services, or regular subscription (monthly fee) packages. With the automated invoicing module you can issue invoices with just a few clicks.

The result?

Less wasted time on administration and collecting payments.

Choose the Sales Innovo App and save on all of this:

Total value: $7,064 per month.

With the Sales Innovo App, you save all of this!

Here's how you can be part of the change:

  • Choose a package

  • Provide billing and payment details.

  • Complete Registration: 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days!

  • After registration, you will receive login details via email and the opportunity to sign up for a consultation. With registration, you get a bonus of a 1-month interactive training worth a net $1,500!

  • After the interactive training, continuous support in Hungarian is available via phone, email, and chat.

  • The system setup fee for every new registrant is a net $1,000. If you are eligible for free setup, this fee will not be invoiced after registration. Inquire with our sales colleagues about the free system setup.

  • You can cancel your registration at any time within the system. If you cancel within 30 days, we will refund the full amount of the first month.

No Time for CRM Implementation?

Worried the system won't be fully utilized?

Trust us with the implementation and training!

If you're completely occupied every day, then surely you don't have the time and/or resources for the deployment of a customer management software. We understand your situation.

We've experienced it too: constant time pressure, slipping follow-ups, and as a result, low-efficiency sales processes.

However, the good news is that we can level up - and in this, the Sales Innovo App will be your aid. In the first year following implementation, there's an average 48% increase in sales conversion ratio (inquiry/successful closure). This is the experience of Sales Innovo users, demonstrating what this comprehensive system is capable of.

Why will we be an effective help for your business?

I have 15 years of experience in sales leadership and 6 years in company management.

Since 2015, I use Sales Innovo every day (yes, we also use our own system, so we feel the importance of significant developments first-hand).

From 2021, as official Google and Meta consulting partners, we are enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales processes of Hungarian businesses.

Topic Roko

Managing Director

Sales Innovo

The Sales Innovo App Successfully Stands its Ground Even Among Large Sales Teams!

The Sales Innovo App is effectively applicable for both small businesses and large corporations.
With interactive features such as progress tracking, marketing automation, outcome forecasting, activity-based planning, and sales funnel building, we enable your team to be more efficient and successful in sales, marketing, and project processes.

We cater to both B2B and B2C CRM needs. We hold our ground even against robust systems like Salesforce and Hubspot, offering much more favorable pricing and local customer support.

The Sales Innovo App wins over even the users of large corporate systems with its transparency, ease of use, and manageability. With continuous developments and our integration solutions, we ensure you are up-to-date and prepared for tomorrow's changes.

We undertake both domestic and international implementations.
With the system we establish, we not only introduce the appropriate IT solutions, but within our 4-session training program, we also develop the sales, marketing, and project management teams, maximizing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Numerous corporate partners report huge time efficiency improvements, while revenue jumps by more than 45%.

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If our system doesn't deliver the desired results in the first month, we will refund 100% of the first month's fee!

Almost there!



per month

Customer Service!

  • 2-way SMS & Email & WhatsApp

  • Web call reception and follow-up

  • Direct conversation with customers

  • Managing Google My Business messages

  • Web Chat integration and message management

  • Handling customer feedback

  • Managing Facebook Messenger messages

  • Google My Business Call tracking

  • Handling missed calls

  • Hungarian language chat support

This package includes 9,523 emails. Beyond this, the fee increases proportionally with the number of emails sent (0.5 HUF/email), or by switching to a higher package.

For SMS campaigns, phone number rental is required, which you can do with a few clicks on the platform.

Our most popular package!



per month

CRM and Marketing Automation!

  • Everything in the Standard package plus

  • Process automations

  • Omnichannel CRM system

  • Newsletter campaigns

  • SMS campaigns

  • Social Media page integration, Social Media calendar/planner

  • Customer Calendar (Google Calendar and Outlook sync), appointment booking system

  • Sales metrics

  • Forms

  • Surveys

  • Pixel codes, conversion tracking

  • Shopify integration

  • WordPress/WooCommerce integration

  • Proposals, Estimates and E-contracts with Signatures

This package includes 23,809 emails. Beyond this, the fee increases proportionally with the number of emails sent (0.5 HUF/email), or by switching to a higher package. For SMS campaigns, phone number rental is required, which you can do with a few clicks on the platform.



per month

AI, Automated Payments and Invoicing, Website Creation, Own Subscription System!

  • Everything in the Pro package plus

  • Website creation without coding (visual drag-and-drop)

  • AI support, customer management

  • Own Affiliate system

  • Blog writing and planning

  • Credit card payments

  • Subscriber/subscription system,

  • option for recurring charges

  • Automated NAV invoicing

  • Course system (online education as a monthly service)

  • Own mobile app

This package includes 95,238 emails. Beyond this, the fee increases proportionally with the number of emails sent (0.5 HUF/email).

For SMS campaigns, phone number rental is required, which you can do with a few clicks on the platform.


What happens after the purchase?

After purchasing the selected package, you will immediately receive a notification to the provided email address with login details and the option for a strategic consultation.

You can cancel the subscription at any time.

For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

The quantities included in the package are for informational purposes only.

Our Partners

Which package should I choose?

After reviewing the features, select the package that best suits your needs. In most cases, the middle, Professional package is the most suitable for new entrants. Of course, you can change packages at any time, which will be immediately discussed during the first consultation.

What happens after the purchase?

Prepare your billing details for the purchase. After the purchase, you will immediately receive the login details, and one of our colleagues will contact you within a day to schedule the first consultation.

Why should I choose the Sales Innovo App?

Our unique market-specific solution supports businesses with targeted features and continuous developments. We bring the features of the future to the present, so you're always ahead of the competition! Whether it's about services, retail, or wholesale, the Sales Innovo App is the most suitable system for your business. We work with international cloud-based servers. As a result, system downtimes do not occur with us.

What makes the Sales Innovo App superior to other CRM providers?

Our revolutionary Omnichannel solution ensures that your business addresses your customers on the right channel, at the right time, with the right offer. Our AI-driven solutions assist in automated customer service. And that's not all! With every new registration, we also provide a complimentary interactive course, turning your employees into true marketing automation experts! The value of this complimentary course is a net $1,500!

Can I integrate the Sales Innovo App with my existing systems?

With a pre-prepared API connection, you can easily link the Sales Innovo App to any website, WooCommerce or Shopify online store, or social media platform. If you use a system for which we don't have a prepared API, you can easily connect the Sales Innovo App to over 5000+ systems and applications with just a few clicks using the Zapier module. If you need a completely custom integration, we will discuss it during the first consultation, and after the 30-day trial period, our developers will implement the integration.

If you haven't found answers to your questions, click the button below and ask our customer service representatives.

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